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A little about me

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Craig Perkins - Photographist


 I owned my 1st camera at 5 years of age (I still have it in my collection). Since then I have owned and operated 2 successful Professional Studios, had my work published both in New Zealand and Internationally, Exhibited my work and competed with my images with great success both in New Zealand and Internationally.


My photographic experience has been crafted for now over 5 decades. Upon leaving school, I worked for Camera House Invercargill and various professional studios in Southland. Eventually owning Hazeldines Studio in Invercargill for several years. Later moving to Timaru, and co-run and then owned Kalksma and Associates, then the leading Professional Studio in South Canterbury.


With this length of dedication to the craft of photography, I have seen many changes in the industry and the processes. Having developed and printed my own colour commercially through to the digital transition of today - I even created this website!.

Being an educationalist. I also taught Photography in both Invercargill and Timaru, in Poly Tech's and Secondary Schools, my ability to share my knowledge and skills, has given me a wealth of experience that enables me to create images of quality and clarity.


Having been shooting corporate and editorial assignments involving wildlife and industrial subjects, portraits and interiors, products and events. My intimate knowledge of lighting and composition, as well as his cutting-edge post-production techniques, allow me to catch the essence of the moment, the slice of time.

Im very flexible, and  always respond to my clients’ wishes and meet your requirements, always with exquisite artistry.


Craig Perkins


Me and some of my cameras over the years


Past Images

Double Drop Collusion​

Writing Instrument

Saint Mary's Church


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