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The web presence of Craig Perkins Photographist

"Every other artist begins with a blank canvas, a piece of paper,  the photographer begins with the finished product."

Edward Steichen

Here you can view some of my images, and some of my extensive collection of Photographica and even contact me regarding any aspect of photography or image crafting.

You will also you can find everything you want to know about me (that I want to share), as a photographer and as a person, and also view a few portfolios, request prices or order my images if so inclined.

Collector of Photographica

Having been collecting Photographica for over 4 decades and having a large collection of my own.

I can appraise your photographica item and give you context to its past use - Always keen for a

chat about photography.

Educator of Photography

Being an educator for over 30 years and having taught people of all ages. I can help you with any aspect of imagery that you would like to learn more about - be it the basics to complex technical processes.

Crafter of Images

I took my 1st photograph over 50 years ago, the cropping wasn't that good, the view point was low but the exposure was within the tolerances of the film. Now today my skills have been honed and my cropping vasty improved and I'm passionate about photography and the craft of image making.

Please Call Me For More Information.

0274 320 237


One of my Latest Image Captures

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